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Group Contact Information: [’S“–ƒOƒ‹[ƒvî•ñ]
[ƒOƒ‹[ƒvƒnƒ“ƒhƒ‹]              JP00023669
[ƒOƒ‹[ƒv–¼]                    ¼ãŽs–¯•a‰@
[Group Name]                    Matsusaka City Hospital
[“dŽqƒ[ƒ‹]                    mchp@mctv.ne.jp
[‘gD–¼]                        ¼ãŽs–¯•a‰@
[Organization]                  Matsusaka City Hospital
[•”]                          ˆãŽ–‰Û@ˆã—Ïî•ñŒW
[Division]                      Medical Information
[“d˜b”ԍ†]                      0598-23-1515
[FAX”ԍ†]                       0598-21-8873
[ÅIXV]                      2007/02/16 10:50:11(JST)

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